Company History

GEM (Green Energy Market), was established in 2016. With the up rise and increase demand on the energy market sector, GEM was established as a one stop shop retail company energy saving solution and material required for renewable energy project.

What the Company Do

GEM (Green Energy Market), is an engineering one-stop shop retailer that Provides engineering support and support is available on demand.
Available products and solution:

  • Photovoltaics System Components.
  • High Quality European LED lighting.
  • ES-25 Energy Saver.
  • Solar Thermal Solutions.
  • Auditing and Energy Analysis.
  • LED lighting for poultry barracks.



Vision Statement

GEM does not only provide sales services but also enhances educational activities for the public in energy conservation & renewable energy systems.

Mission Statement

Aim to be a long-term market leader in the green and renewable energy sector, pursuing credibility through quality, safety, value creation, innovation, and respect for the environment.
Bolster customer confidence in the reliability of retail electromechanical products reflecting renewable energy generation.
Expand the retail market for electricity products incorporating renewable energy solution.
Provide customers clear information about retail clean energy products to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions.
Encourage the deployment of electricity products that minimize air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Provide Customers with detailed information regarding the exclusive products available at GEM.
provide information and assistance for customers related to clean correct decisions business.


Initiative- Through behavior and attitude of our people.
Trust- Of our Owners, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Others.
Excellence- In the way we perform, we promote the development of skills and merit.
Innovation- To create value in our areas of operation. We demand excellence in everything.
Sustainability- Aimed at the quality of life by giving back and respecting the environment.
COMMITMENT- Through quality provided, and after sale services.

Business Goals & Objectives

Increase customer renewal Rate.
Reduce product cost.
Customer satisfaction.
Increase market share.
Provide high quality products.
New educational concepts to customers.
Exclusive market technologies.

Business Strategy

Integrated Cost Leadership and Differentiation strategy by providing products and service with distinctive qualities valued by our customers. We aim to draw customers by setting ourselves apart from the competition. To succeed at this strategy, our goal providing customers with the best quality and focus on low prices
To quality margins. Adapting to leading high edge technologies and being pioneers to introduce such products to our market; a strong sales and marketing team; and a corporate reputation for quality and innovation.

Economical Objective

The economic intent of the organization are increased market share in the renewable and green energy sector, higher returns, and an excellent reputation.

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